Elevate patient empowerment with the Vertigenius patient app

Revolutionise your patients' vestibular rehabilitation experience with intuitive exercise instructions, timely reminders, and motivational support. Witness their progress firsthand as they achieve milestones, while effortlessly monitoring their journey. Have your exercises fine-tuned for optimal results and be guided towards success with confidence.

So you’ve received a diagnosis, you’ve been given exercises to do, now what?

It can be overwhelming to leave a healthcare practitioner’s office with a series of instructions, and not be fully confident in how to carry them out. Vertigenius employs a simple to use patient application that can be downloaded onto your device.

This app allows your healthcare practitioner to send you forms to fill out ahead of consultation that can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can record your symptoms, concerns, and goals without worrying you may have forgotten something during your consultation.

During your assessment, your outcome measures are securely and easily recorded directly into the app.

Your healthcare professional can then select a series of exercises from our extensive custom-created video library. This allows them to create a programme tailored specifically to you. These exercises are performed directly with the use of the app, taking the guesswork out of your programme.