About Vertigenius

A new way to consult and manage patients with vertigo, imbalance and dizziness. As a registered medical device the Vertigenius head sensor unlocks remote treatment monitoring, taking patient adherence to the next level.

What is Vertigenius ?

VERTIGENIUS is an easy to use platform that lets you design, prescribe and deploy custom exercises in our easy to use clinician portal.

Give your patient access to our easy-to-use smartphone app which digitally delivers, measures and tracks vestibular rehabilitation.

The smart phone app is combined with our breakthrough head sensor which connects easily with bluetooth to the patients phone. It then tracks the head movement while exercising, leading to iterative improvements in outcomes.

The Vertigenius Team

Dara Meldrum

Global Thought Leader

With 30 years of experience, Dara is an Associate Professor at TCD, a Senior Lecturer at RCSI, an expert clinician and clinical researcher, and a frequently invited speaker.

Mark Barry

Business Leader

Over 25 years of GM and CEO level enterprise P&L leadership, bringing over 80 new products to market and growing businesses to over €1B annual revenue.

Patrick Schoeman

Commercial Leader

Over 20 years experience as a successful founder, entrepreneur and commercial leader delivering sales growth and dramatically improved customer experience for healthcare clinicians.

Niall McKeown

Operations Leader

Over 30 years experience as Operations Director in large organisations responsible for pre-release programme management and volume manufacture of hundreds of products.

Damien Daly
Software CTO

SW Leader

17 years experience as CTO and VP of software growing software teams from startup to scale with thousands of customers.